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Zoras Dmain (better known as Devon "The Sad" Renouf in real life)' (originally known as Real One69) is a compleeionist cape owner arned on August 14/2013 during a month of 20 hour per day sessions for a bet. He has been plying RuneScape on and off since 2010. He achieved max cape on April 23/2011. His first 99 was flching and his last 99 achieved was dungeoneering for mx cape. He has since returned to RS, uner the usename "Zoras Domain"HAT IS ALL.


Devon Is Ftw (Mine Dream1) Gets 99 Strength

After a series of complications with selling accounts through Gold4RS Devon bought an account that was maxed and vowed to achieve 120 Dungeoneering. Even after his previous failures of destroying HexHunter bows (before the drop update) for frivolus items such as a Primal Platebody. He achieved his goal somewhere in 2012 or 2013 of 120 DG and was no longer a noob.  However, the account he bought and achieved 120 Dungeoneering on was recovered back. He therefore did the honourble thing and took back his previous account and maxed it out.