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99 Archery Hood and Cape of Accomplishment, Royal Dragonhide armor & the Starfury bow.

I'm Sebastian003 the Master Ranger. I'm a seasoned player with a Fist of Guthix Rate of over 9000, a mithril forum post count, and have achieved the Crown of Loyalty on 2/7/2018.

I began as an adventurer- socializing, testing myself with Guilds and then sidelonged into quests because of those Guilds. I started on the Varrock side of F2Ps wilderness. I've been trying actively to become a Lead Ranger. Courtier just wasn't suited for me. When I joined the RolePlaying world it was in precedence to acquiring knightly strength and virtues so I'd be able to compliment myself with stratagem on Player Killing- but with my want to become a Ranger I chose higher tactic than being of humble pride. I chose the red plumed black helmet of the superior black knight; of Kinshra.
I warred in Clan Wars out in the wilderness, but it was just as a dragon hunting Ranger. With my bands of misfits I learned to speak accordingly to people without having need to become a courtier. When the riots finally took place because of the Battle of Rogue Castle my RolePlaying days were paused in favor of Fist of Guthix. That's where I learned the tact I was needing, I learned prayer abilities, subterfuge, defence, offense and it relished my capabilities. So much so that after those times (which were a little after the "Wilderness Removal") I attained 99 Ranged through archery; {97-99} when the Evolution Of Combat was adapted to the game. 

Many players withdrew from the game. Without anymore warfare I didn't know how to proceed, the game was evolving dramatically, the only players that remained were Skillers and Community Clans- So I partied a few extra years admiring my 99 Ranged Hood and Cape of Accomplishment before making the decision to enter OldSchool RuneScape.

The titles of nobility I have are Sir, Lord, and Baron.

I achieved 99 Archery as Baron "Ice Cold Dew" and is my only 99 on RuneScape 3. I intend to gain it to 120 after my Kinshra RolePlaying has been finished on Old School RuneScape. Hopefully I attain it without a Constitution Cape of Accomplishment.

I got it mostly in F2P {but for 7-8 levels with the Crystal Bow} with Mithril Arrows and the Maple Shortbow. After 85 it took about 7000 arrows per new level, I bought them 10k at a time and didn't pick them up.

RuneScape 3 skill levels.



Old School RuneScape:

OldSchool RuneScape skill levels as of 4/24/2020.

When I started Old School RuneScape I only knew how to maraud as a Player-Killer, at the time of the 99 Attack Hood and Cape of Accomplishment I had learned how to Barbarian Dragon-Hunter my way to using a Dragon Longsword. I only knew how to use Strength on RuneScape since RuneScape 3's socializing. Having high Strength was the only mandate to joining clans to PvM, the other two sides of the combat triangle were to figure out the Attack skill solo and hunting mages. It wasn't until after the 99 Fletching Hood and Cape of Accomplishment(but by then I had achieved Captain and Lieutenant afterwards with a Player Killing group titled the Reapers of RuneScape and a paragon legion named Mercy) that I proved the Kinshra way and slew 8-11 RuneScapers with a Dragon Longsword entirely by my own skills lieutenantly. Because I was training 99 Attack on the DEADMAN world I switched to a normal world to re synergize myself for DEADMAN and ended up killing those people as simple as that. Afterwards I attained 99 Attack and a short amount of months later the 99 Prayer Hood and Cape of Accomplishment.

I attained the 99 Hood and Cape of Accomplishment first during Monkey Madness 2 when I needed defence, a better spot for a lightsource, and a possible extra location in my inventory as well for food or a prayer potion. After the Quest Cape I knighted myself to the Kinshra by emptying my bank to its foundry. I would give my 99s to the suit of armor in the Kinshra Fortress and prepare just for my personal Kinshra quest soon after. With needing 99 Thieving as the last of the quest it was RolePlay correct.

What I need is to attain 99 Cooking with now a trimmed set of black armor and lastly with gold trimmed black armor for 99 Thieving.

DEADMAN skill levels.

99 ATTACK from Deadman world 345.

RuneScape Classic: I have acquired full black, a mithril scimitar, a strength amulet and an orange cape. I think I'm level 31. And my bank has over 100,000GP because some one was selling steel platebodies in mass at Catherbys general store so I walked all the way to Varrock and sold them at the platebody store. {There will be a photo whenever RuneScape Classic comes back online again.}


DISCORD QFC: 290-291-65977280.


SITTING ON FURNITURE QFC: 322-323-334-65960057.

ULTIMATE HARDCORE IRONMAN QFC: 322-323-824-65943791.

POLAND WORLD QFC: 322-323-156-65924433.

FIRST PERSON MODE QFC: 185-186-136-65924424.

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