Total level 2585
Combat level 138
Nationality Dutch
Started playing 2006
Clan Talent Squad

Sedivine is a Dutch RuneScape player that started playing in 2006, when he got introduced to the game by two of his in real life friends. He really liked the game and kept playing it. He achieved his first 99 in 2010 which was Woodcutting. Sedivine played from 2006 till early 2011, and took a break till November 2011. Since then he is playing actively.

Current Goals

Sedivine's goal is to get atleast 1,000,000,000 overall xp on his account. Sedivine also has other goals that dont include getting Xp, such as getting 5000 castle wars games played, and getting money for rare items. His number one priority still remains gaining xp.


Max Cape                  6-2-2014

120 Fishing               8-5-2014

500m Total XP          29-12-2013

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