Total level 2628
Combat level 138
Other names Bartsegers, Bart Segers, Goud, Demonseance, Det, Geel, Kot, Lat, yoo, Segers, Host Bart, Yo Bart, Aziz
Nationality Belgian
Started playing 2006
Achievements 200m experience in 26 skills
Known for Former Rank 2 on the RS3 Hiscores
6 200m skills on OSRS


Segers also known as (Bart) and known for being Pieter's brother[citation needed]. He is a veteran player, and has just over 5.2 billion total experience. He currently has 200 million experience in every skill except Invention. He is ranked 8th in Divination and 9th in Dungeoneering. He is known to change his name regularly.


After Bart got 200m in every skill he didn't enjoy RuneScape anymore. He quit in December 2013, and started in January 2014 again, although he isn't playing 15+ hours a day any more, because of him going to the gym and being busy with Old School Runescape.

Old School RuneScape

His Old School account is named Aziz, and he currently has 6 200m skills, Prayer, Cooking, Fishing, Herblore, Thieving, and Construction.

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