Seth Slayer0
Total level Unknown
Combat level 50 (pre-EoC)
Other names Seth Slayer0, frozenruby22
Nationality American
Started playing 2009 or earlier
Ended playing 2010 or 2011
Known for Helping to form Viking Clan
Clan Viking Clan

Seth Slayer0 was the first person (with the exception of the two founding brothers, Kent Knifen and Hydromi Tad) to join Viking Clan, and is often considered to be the source of inspiration for the clan.[citation needed]  He began playing at the latest in 2009.

About Seth Slayer0

Seth Slayer0 began some time either in or before 2009.  Pre-EoC standards, he was a level 50.  His EoC combat level is unknown.  In either late 2010 or early 2011, he quit the game, but is still mentioned to this day in Viking Clan.

Affiliation with Viking Clan

Seth Slayer0 was the first non-relation to join Viking Clan, meaning the first person who did not know the founders prior to joining.  When Viking Clan was still a new clan, Seth Slayer0 was placed in command of the Magic division, meaning he commanded anyone who was a magic-based player.

He first met the leader, Kent Knifen, on his spare account, frozenruby22.  Kent, who was a low level player at the time, wanted to help him past the Highwayman near Port Sarim, but Seth Slayer0 explained he was not a new player, but on a spare account.  Kent asked him if he would like to join his newly created clan, to which Seth agreed and became the Mage Commander.

During his time within Viking Clan, Seth Slayer0 taught the two founders, Kent Knifen and Hydromi Tad, the basics of the game and would often provide money making tips.  He is often considered to be the source of inspiration that drives the clan forward, even to this day.

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