RuneScape Players Wiki
Combat level 138
Other names Icey Dan1
Started playing 2007
Known for Machinima Director and RuneScape Guide maker on Youtube. Ex-Jagex Moderator.

Silentc0re (previously Mod Silent, also known as Icey Dan1) is a RuneScape guide maker and former Jagex Moderator, also being a Machinima Director from Scotland, UK. He started making guides back in 2008 and used the windows free software Movie Maker to do this. He used this method up until he was invited to become a Machinima Director where he then started using the premium editing software Sony Vegas Pro 9.

His first 99 was Hunter, once being in the Top 100 ranked players for this skill. His account on the main game has a Max Cape.

He has recently started an "Epic Glitches" series on his channel to replace the series "Legendary Glitches", which is uploaded on the MachinimaRealm channel so he can't continue the series on his channel Silentc0re.

As of January 14th 2014, Silentc0re no longer works at Jagex.[1] Some speculate that this is due to the way he handled a ragger in the wilderness, by abusing his JMod powers to instantly kill the ragger with poison.


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