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Sir Mikkel
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Combat level 111
Nationality Danish
Known for YouTube videos

Sir Mikkel (Also known as TheSirMikkel on Youtube) is a danish RuneScape Videomaker reaching over 2,000 Subscribers and known well for his RuneScape machinimas, trailers, commentaries and his RuneScape movie The Release.

Golden Gnome Awards

Sir Mikkel has entered the Golden Gnome Awards in multiple years. It was first in 2015 that he got nominated for 'Best Original Content' for his RuneScape movie "The Release".

Community Corner

As of November 27th 2014, Sir Mikkel has had 11 videos featured in RuneScapes Community Corner, these are GangsterScape Part 1ElysiumThe Man in Black vs Irishman & Brit Wonder, which was a Collaboration Machinima with RSMurderer, RuneScape - Fanmade TrailerA Shadow Over Ashdale - Quest TrailerRuneScape Trailer [Fanmade], Cook's Assistant - Quest TrailerTop 5 Scariest QuestsWolf - GGA 2014 EntryOne Small Favour - Parody Trailer & The Release - Episode 1.


For about a year, Sir Mikkel was a part of the Videoclub, a secret forum created by Jagex, where experienced videomakers were invited, to work together with other videomakers. Unfortunately the Videoclub was taken down, due to unknown reasons. He appeared in two videos on the Official RuneScape YouTube Channel. These were Halloween Skits and Skilling Skits


On July 19th, 2014, Sir Mikkel was interviewed on live radio by the RuneScape fansite RuneTime. On the same day he was one of three hosts of the gathering event 'Karamjan Getaway'. On December 20th, 2014, Sir Mikkel hosted the Christmas Crater Celebration along with RSMurderer and KirihaAonuma, with RuneTime hosting a live radio.  


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