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Sir Tony Ray
Sir Tony Ray silver plaque.jpg
Tony unveiling his silver play button YouTube plaque on a Twitch livestream
Total level 2,697
Combat level 138
Other names Tony, RSGloryandGold, glory
Nationality American
Started playing 2004
Influences ice poseidon, boaty, h3h3
Achievements second most boss kills, maxed, 120 strength, 120 invention, 120 constitution. most viewed rs3 streamer. first to prestige kbd. first to prestige vindicta and gorvek.
Known for Twitch streamer, 2016 Golden Gnome winner, most King Black Dragon kills, most twin furies kills, most boss kills. most vindicta and gorvek kills most bandos kills
Clan Glory and Gold, GloryandGold,and gloryandgoldn

Sir Tony Ray is a maxed RuneScape player, live streamer, Twitch partner, and leader of a trio clan, Glory and Gold. In an attempt to grow his four-month-old clan and through the support of his close friends and nephew labin, he set out to begin live streaming on Twitch on 8 December 2015. On the first day of live streaming, he had gained over one thousand followers on his Twitch channel. In just over four months, he had amassed over one million views,[1] at which point was considered a sensation where he had been covered by several large YouTube news channels. Much of his success was led by his charming persona and the quirky nature of an elderly man playing games with his online friends.

Tony also has a YouTube channel where he uploads stream highlights, comedic and other various videos. On 14 July 2016, Tony had reached 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.[2] On 22 October 2016 in a livestream on Twitch, he unveiled two notable awards, his silver play button YouTube plaque and RuneScape Golden Gnome.[3]

As of April 25, 2017, Tony holds the #1 position of King Black Dragon kills, with a kill count of 27,690.[4] He also has the record for most twin furie kills with 16,639 kills.


Through his rapid growth and success on Twitch, Tony acquired partnership on 12 January 2016,[citation needed] to which he owes his close friends and Twitch following.

On January 2016, Tony was the subject of harassment after YouTuber Keemstar falsely accused him of being a convicted pedophile. However, he has also gained a large number of supporters following the incident.[5]

Personal life

Tony was born in Swain county North Carolina on September 29th 1953, the third out of four children. He moved to California when he was 6. He was a fullback in high school and was a walk on in college. He is a widower. He has owned several businesses over the years, a bar and a print shop for example. He started playing Runescape in April of 2004. His nephews and nieces convinced him to play. He has played WoW and Everquest 2 in the past. He has lived all over the world for a job, from India to the Philippines. After he quit, he moved to Missouri, managing 2 super 8 hotels, one in Carrollton Missouri and one in Ankeny Iowa. He retired in 2014. He was bored after retirement. His nephew Laban convinced him to stream in December of 2015. 

Tony's nephew William joined his Twitch channel on January 1, 2017. Also known as kng william, he streams with Tony on the channel everyday.

Eric, one of Tony's friends, joined the stream team in 2018.