Combat level 200
Other names Creightos
Nationality United States
Influences Drugs, alcohol and sex
Achievements Staking and PvMing massive amounts of money
Known for Losing that money
Clan Out hit me

Skylines is a RuneScape player. He has risen from the noobs to the elitists and from riches to rags.  Because of his real life situations, he is now only online whenever there is wifi to leech off of.  When he is online, Skylines is often seen either tanking nex, crashing nex or staking away his bank.


It is said that Skylines was forged by the gods themselves.  He was brought to earth by the name of Creightos (Latin) or Darvocet (Greek).  Somewhere along his way, Dionysus/Bacchus, the god of partying and alcohol, did some sketchy stuff to Creightos.  No one knows what he did, but it is believed that Dionysus was the cause of his intense partying, crashing and yolo life.  Sooner than later, Creightos found out about Runescape, which soon lured him towards his demise, just like all the other players.  It was Runescape which gave him the allias "Skylines"


- Skylines has been ex-communicated from many clans and organizations due to his yolo behavior

- Skylines behavior and life style has created such a huge impression that his name has become a saying.  "Being a Skylines" portrays doing risky and illegal activities, losing bank, crashing people and cars, and dieing because of connection problems.

- The term "MFW Skylines" (my face when Skylines) is used as a reaction for whenever someone is "Being a Skylines"

A rs player who named his display after the famous saying

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