Other names Trifid Musiq
HcUim Musiq
10 hp musiq
Nationality Belgian
Known for His Old School RuneScape quest guides

Slayermusiq1 is a YouTuber known for his Old School RuneScape quest guides. He started playing RuneScape around 2006 after his brother got him interested in the game.[1] Around 2007–2008, he stopped playing on his first account and he created a rune pure. Since that time, he continued to make new accounts, especially 1 Defence pures. The idea for making quest guides came after he found a TzHaar slayer guide on YouTube created by someone who had 1 Defence. He started to think about all the 1 Defence accounts or different types of pures he created, and all the quests he had to do repeatedly on these accounts. This got him thinking, "Why can't I just make quest guides for pures?"[2]

Apart from quest guides, he has also uploaded other types of videos. On his channel, he has created progress videos for his Ironman account with 10 Hitpoints named 10 hp musiq and hardcore ironman account named HcUim Musiq. In his Time Traveller video series, he restricts his gameplay to the content that was available at a previous time in RuneScape's history.[3] As of 24 March 2018, his YouTube channel has 55 thousand subscribers.[4]


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