Snake Slava
Snake Slava RSC.png
Snake Slava in Ardounge.
Nationality Russian
Started playing 2002 or earlier
Known for First to achieve 99 Ranged.

Snake Slava is a Russian RuneScape player, and he was first to reach 99 in the Ranged skill. He got banned for using an English to Russian translator, which Jagex confused for a macro. In response, he brought his computer to Jagex to prove he didn't use a macro, and he trained a second character named Snake Slavik and ended up achieving 99 range 3rd overall on him.[citation needed]

He occasionally go PKing with Dream Team on his pure Snake Slavik while Snake Slava was banned but once unbanned, would rarely pk on the account.

He is known to have reached at least level 112 before RS2 came out.

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