Sno head.png
Total level 2051
Combat level 127
Other names Jonweasel
Known for Wealth and glitching

Sno (previuosly known as Jonweasel) was a RuneScape former Player Moderator that was known for glitching in early 2009 and 2010. Sno is also known for his collection of dungeoneering items in his bank that were glitched out of Dungeoneering, and as of June 2011 was the only player on Runescape to have one item related to every resource skill from Dungeoneering. 

It is said that Sno has over 300 items on various accounts that are either from Dungeoneering or minigames. In addition to extensive glitching, Sno was one of the few RuneScape player moderators with a three letter name. This, however, is no longer considered rare due to an update by Jagex in mid-2010 which unlocked names that were no longer used, enabling more players have short names.

Sno is reported to no longer play RuneScape.



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