Luke (Runescape Username: Snoochy) is a 15 year old videomaker from the United States of America. His youtube channel is the randomnessofluke, and he makes a lot of in real life videos. Most of them are based on Runescape. His most famous video is the "Making History Contest" winning video. This was a contest released by Regicidal; the point was to make a music video for one of Regicidal's rap songs. Snoochy's video featured himself performing agility maneuvers on a playground to the song "Grind." Snoochy is a fairly good Runescape player based on his stats in the Runescape Hiscores. His total level is currently 2,053, total xp is 130,629,190, and his rank is 121,879 as of April 2013. Since the release of Evolution Of Combat, he has quit playing Runescape. He now plays on the Old School Runescape Servers.

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