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Snow Queen as a Captain in "Mod Chrisso" Friends Chat in her favourite RuneScape Lobby, Lobby 19.

Snow Queen is a female student from the United Kingdom. Her combat level as of the 27th of February 2012 is 84, and has one 99, Firemaking, achieved on the 26th of May 2012. She is 5"2 and weighs 7 stone exactly. She has a Lancashirian English accent, and enjoys listening and learning about other accents as well.

She is a Captain rank in "Mod Chrisso" Friends Chat as of the 6th November 2011, and a Recruit rank since Early 2011. Her former Friends Chat, "Cal" She had Lieutenant rank as on the 5th November but then lost it before the 25th December sometime for unknown reasons.

She is normally found in any RuneScape Lobby. Her Favourite Lobby is Lobby 19 and she opted for it to be the "Mod Chrisso" Friend Chat "Home World".

Snow loves to call herself the "Biggest Noob Ever" and is very down to Earth.

She is interested in subjects such as English Language, History, and Geography, but she's good at Physical activities such as Art, Drama, and Physical Education. She recently became a Mathematics Ambassador for her School helping to promote Mathematics and helping younger students with their Mathematical experience. She's artistic and creative. She has very interesting music taste, and will listen to pretty much anything but Rap, her favourite genres are varied around techno, but she listens to Dubstep and Dance music too.

She takes on a lot of responsibilities and is very mature about her school work. She makes sure all her work is completed to a good quality standard at all times to ensure she can get the best grades for her ability in that specific subject. She is very sociable. She is very trustworthy and reliable and if you ask her to do something and if she he can do it, you can consider it done. She has a strong sense of right and wrong. Her hobbies outside of school are Dancing and Singing, which she tends to do and enjoy a lot. She is also very interested in photography and hopes to make a career out of it one day and become a photographer.

She believes this is the right career choice for her because it's something she enjoys, and she gets her own quiet space if she needs it, but at the same time she can meet new people. She is very unique, and people claim there is "Barely a Dull moment" with her, if somebody is having a bad day they can speak to her about it and she'll help you the best she can and try to cheer you up.