Total level 2157
Combat level 137
Nationality American
Achievements 200m+ overall experience
Known for Clan Wars PvP

Snowflakes is a Runescape player known for world 18 Clan Wars PvP. He can be found in the white portal at clanwars on world 18 or killing Araxxor/Araxxi. Although he is busy running Clan Wars on world 18, he finds plenty of time to experience many PvM aspects of the game.


Snowflakes is a kind generous person as long as he knows you. If he catches you using a typo he will call you out on it. Many people have found themselves under a lot of heat after they got themselves into an argument with Snowflakes. Just something him is he can always keep going on his "Trash talking." Some how he manages to pull through and win almost all flame battles. Honestly if you have not become friends with this menace yet, you are setting yourself up for utter embarrassment. An example of him embarrassing some one was an account named "cjlfcpwns" who he managed to bully him into changing his name. Snowflakes is very careful with his money. He will refuse to lend anyone money. it was once said that he would not lend his best friend "D Trix" 9m to help him get summoning up, even though his bank was over 1 billion coins at the time. Sometimes in conversation with Snowflakes he will start blabbering off and you won't be able to understand him. Many believe this to be the inner spider speaking through him as he has spent hundreds of hours inside the Araxxor cave.


Snowflakes is notorious for being combat level 137. He refuses to level his prayer up and get combat level 138. He believes it will just make him like everyone else (he likes to stand out). His favorite weapons consist of Seismic wand/singularity, Black salamander and the Swagger stick. He mainly uses the tier 90 armors malevolent, Sirenic and tectonic while occasionally using void armor while killing various bosses. After his achievement of 120 defence, he is always seen with his cape of accomplishment, which is one of the most mainstream 120 capes in Runescape.


Snowflakes seems to dance with anyone that acts like him. anyone spamming "lolo0l0l0ol0o" or "r0olr0fl0roflr" could attract him. It was known that he had a relationship with the Runescape player "Anahita" (aka: Vogacy). He also had a very deep friendship with the player "Oysters," but after he realized oysters only wanted to scam his beloved party hat, he decided to break away from the friendship.


  • He can normally be found hanging out in the friends chat owned by "Symphony OTN"
  • He has over 1,000 Araxxi kills
  • His current location is Missouri
  • His currently owned red party hat was actually a gift from the Runescape player "D Trix"
  • He currently has an old school defence pure in the making named "Turdflakes"
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