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So Wreck3d
Total level 1869
Other names Matt
Nationality American
Started playing 2004
Known for YouTube videos

So Wreck3d (also known as Matt) is a RuneScape player and a videomaker who started playing in 2004. He makes videos for YouTube about Player Killing, he previously made frequent videos of Player Killing, around every 2 days, as well as streaming live on Twitch. He occasionally still uploads but could still be considered inactive.

Matt was the integral force behind the revival of RuneScape 2007 Servers, he eventually even became a moderator for Jagex but this was short-lived due to a partial resignation and termination due to "being exposed" by a Youtube video titled "So Wreck3d Exposed".

So Wreck3d occasionally plays Old School RuneScape exclusively after it's release and has had achievements such as doing Monkey Madness with just 1 prayer.[1]