Some Stat 99 was a Runescape player who was best known for being active at Clan Wars throughout 2012, 2013, and 2014

Some Stat 99 standing around in a battle.

. He could be recognized by his rune armor and he always wore a chef hat into battle. His combat level was 85 prior to being locked. His earlier life was unknown as his current master won him in a contest on Youtube back in June of 2012. He had all around stats. He was a member of Our Pride in 2012 and participated in the 2012 Jagex Clan Cup and his team made it to the 2nd round but were swept by The Clan. 

Some Stat 99 was mostly used as a secondary account occasionally logging into wars to help out with the main account. During January 2013 when his main was taking a hiatus from Runescape, he logged in and was used like a main during wars and even recorded Youtube videos. Even when the main came back, he was still used as a secondary account to help out in wars.

On October 24th 2014, Some Stat 99 was hacked by a very clever phishing website. He knew his account was soon going to be hacked with no chance to recover so he attempted to transfer his valubles to his main via multi logging in. However right as he was about to trade, his wifi lost connection. It took 20 minutes for the wifi to restore and unfortunately during that little time frame his account was hacked into. Jagex shortly locked the account afterwards preventing anyone from logging in. Since Some Stat 99 does not have access to his own email adress and the password can not be changed, his account will most likely be locked forever.

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