Total level 2081
Combat level 179
Started playing 2001-2002

Soni is a player that started playing in the early months of RuneScape. As of August 2013, his current main account had 6 skills at 99 and an additional one--Hunter--getting close.


Soni began playing in the early months of Runescape's release. Back at that time, he used a different account under an undisclosed username. Some time in 2004 he took a lengthy break and came back to find that he could not access his account. He started his current main account in 2005 on and off casually for friends and community.

Under the name Soni, which he still has to this day, he has had consistent membership since mid-2007.Although not an extremely active player, he has gained a total level of 2075 over the course of the next six years and all but three quests complete.

Player Information

• Soni's favourite skills include Construction, Magic, and Thieving. Ironically, however, Magic is the only one of the three he has at level 99 and (as of August 2013) is the last 99 he obtained. His others include Fletching (2008), Cooking (2008), Woodcutting (2009), Firemaking (2009), Smithing (2010), and Magic (2011). After receiving his Magic skillcape, his amount of play time has greatly diminished and his next 99 isn't predicted to be completed until late 2013.

• Soni is a rather well known figure in the Suggestions Forums where he has posted several Quests for review and has reviewed thousands of ideas. He is a co-founder of the White Dragons suggestion and the writer of the Dark Lord Rising and the Forgotten Remedy quests that are currently still on the forums.

• Soni's favourite version of Runescape is known to be the EoC right before Runescape 3 came out. He is a firm believer that Runescape 3 could lead to the end of Runescape and quite possibly Jagex itself if something is not done. He has always said that neither Dungeoneering or Divination are actual skills and continues to do so for both of them (as of August 2013).

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