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'''Soresser''' is a Dutch player who plays ''RuneScape''. He has level 99 in 12 skills.
'''Soresser''' is a Dutch player who plays ''RuneScape''. He has level 99 in 14 skills.
'''Soresser''' has over 20 million experience in Cooking.
'''Soresser''' has over 20 million experience in Cooking.

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Combat level 132
Started playing September 2001

Soresser is a Dutch player who plays RuneScape. He has level 99 in 14 skills.

Soresser has over 20 million experience in Cooking.

He has a YouTube channel of the same name. [1] He can also be talked to over Skype.

Soresser usually wears different outfits, most of the time he's wearing his last earned Skillcape.

Most people see Soresser at the Grand Exchange, near the North-West part of the counter. He has a Friends Chat for people who would like to chat with him.


Below are the stats of Soresser as of 25 Aug 2011.

TotalTotal Skill Level: 2130

Skill Level Experience
Total level Unknown edit Unknown edit
Attack 99 Unknown edit
Defence 99 Unknown edit
Strength 99 Unknown edit
Constitution 99 Unknown edit
Ranged 75 Unknown edit
Prayer 80 Unknown edit
Magic 99 Unknown edit
Cooking 99 Unknown edit
Woodcutting 99 Unknown edit
Fletching 99 Unknown edit
Fishing 99 Unknown edit
Firemaking 99 Unknown edit
Crafting 85 Unknown edit
Smithing 99 Unknown edit
Mining 82 Unknown edit
Herblore 63 Unknown edit
Agility 77 Unknown edit
Thieving 99 Unknown edit
Slayer 74 Unknown edit
Farming 68 Unknown edit
Runecrafting 64 Unknown edit
Hunter 73 Unknown edit
Construction 82 Unknown edit
Summoning 68 Unknown edit
Dungeoneering 50 Unknown edit
Divination Unknown edit Unknown edit
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  • Soresser been in top 10 ranking of Construction
  • The name was coined from the word sorceress
  • The rooms of his Player-Owned House is a house on the map
  • Cooking was his first skill he reached level 99 and is still his skill with the most exp
  • Soresser was a pure mage, but after his main got hacked he started training all skills


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