Sosolid2k is a Runescape player best known for creating max hit videos on YouTube. He is also known for proving a dragon dagger can hit 1200 on a player.

Some of his videos include "Max Hit with Melee" and "Max Hit with Range." He is currently sponsored by Machinima. 

He owns a set of profound armour from the Castle Wars minigame.

He has completed many quests including Nomad's Requiem and Ritual of the Mahjarrat. All of his skills are above 90 and the lowest is Construction, at level 95. His total level is currently 2484.

He once obtained a dragon full helm from a chewed bone following a lot of time spent killing mithril dragons.

He ran a forum and community known as RSMDB (RuneScape Monster DataBase) which can be found at He seems to have quit.


Most of his videos are about weapon info and their max hits. He has also done many pking videos.

Examples of his videos can be found below:

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