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Total level 2736
Combat level 138
Nationality German
Started playing 2008
Influences Gipfeli
Achievements 1st cape was questcape, trimmed completionist cape, 200M construction

Insane Final Boss, Master of All

Known for Broadcast Spam 99s and 120s, IFB and MoA
Clan Final Destruction

Soulforcer is a RuneScape player moderator. He began playing after a friend showed it to him in an internet cafe. He is the leader of "Final Destruction", which is a community/pvm based RuneScape clan. Within two years he got his maxed cape on 11 November 2012 by maxing his remaining 11 skills. On 6 April 2013 he got his completionist cape. He is proud of his quest cape, which was his first achievement before any skill in RuneScape. As of 26th March 2014, he is an owner of the trimmed completionist cape. After a long time he achieved 200M construction on 4th September 2014, which makes him the 48th person to do so.

In November 2014 he became a player moderator. Afterwards he went straight on a grind for 120 all and achieved his goal by getting up 14 skills at 119 on 16th October 2017. Meanwhile he was also hunting down pets and got his "Insane Final Boss" and "Master of All" titles for the first time on 19th February 2018 after Gipfeli teached him how to PvM. 

External Links

  • Adventurers log

    Soulforcer Upgrading his Completionist cape on his Adventure's Log.

Soulforcer Unlocking Insane Final Boss and Master of All


Soul's 11 Skills Maxed Party

Maxed Party Soulforcer 09.11.12

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