Sparc Mac
Sparc mac
Total level RS3: 2243
OSRS: 1576
Combat level RS3: 138
OSRS: 126
Other names ggggllo
Nationality American
Started playing 2004
Known for His RuneScape Content on YouTube, ranked 1 in Duelling Arena, and "Lil Willis"
Sparc Mac

Sparc Mac is a RuneScape player known mainly a PKer, making videos on YouTube and for his phrase "ninja turtling". He is rank #1 in the Duel Arena, and he uses skillful tactics in the Wilderness. He currently has 13 99 skills, one of which has exceeded 99 which is 112 Dungeoneering.

He first began creating videos in Bounty Hunter after the removal of the wilderness, on his YouTube account "ggggllo".

His originality made him become well known with his commentating skills and his 'friend' Little Willis who he uses to portray a comedic appeal to his viewers.

He has four channels, one is his main channel "ggggllo", another his community channel "SparcMacLLVE", his Real Life channel "SparcMacProductions", and his growing Minecraft Channel "SparcMacOfficial".

He has the most channel views out of any RuneScape videomaker as of now.

In late 2012 someone managed to find a way to delete other players' names. This caused Sparc Mac to lose his name, but his friend, Gws2, quickly managed to change his name to Sparc Mac so it would not get stolen by anyone else. A few minutes later Gws2's name got reset and both him and Sparc Mac got their original names back.[1]



Sparc Mac's Adventurer's Log

Tim has three accounts, although one of them, Spark Mac1 got permanently banned in July 2008 for abusing the Extra Potential glitch. Although this glitch was caused by Jagex, he was banned as he did it intentionally.

Tim has a pure account he created named Tims Project, and makes PK commentaries with it.

Currently after the EoC was released, Tim (Sparc Mac) only plays on his main account (Sparc Mac) and his pure account (Tims Project) is currently inactive.

Tim's main account and pure account are active in Old School RuneScape.


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