Combat level 137
Known for Cheapest 99 prayer ever

Spiceter, also known as I like Gravy, Jaymano, is the spiciest Runescape player ever to have graced Gielnor.


Spiceter started playing Runescape in 2005. He spends most of his time playing the Barrows minigame and training slayer, but he started getting famous when he got level 99 prayer. Since that time, people from all over the world have seen him appear in their prayers. Due to his divine state people sometimes call him 'Holy spice', 'Noob', 'Spiceter', and 'Napoleon Bonaparte'


Spiceter can mostly be found in a treehouse where he is organising trick or treat parties. This treehouse can be found next to the Stairway to heaven, which his friend Wackelpuding build.

Current events

Spiceter spent the last year on dying at Tormented Demons, losing all his valuable items and his honour in progress. At this time of the year, he is mostly barraging rock lobsters which he is going to put in his mouth afterwards. The Daily News reported seeing Spiceter at the airport, taking an airplane to Somalia to return to his crew of his famous ship 'Hot!' and restart his career as Spicebeard, the pirate.


Spiceter in particular has achieved two of the greatest tasks ever in to been in Gielnor; 99 fletching and 99 cooking. Most believed it couldn't be done, how could one single spice ever manage to get both? Spiceter proved us all wrong and came through. He is thought to be the first seasoning ever to get 99 in both.

He recently also managed to lose full void at the Tormented Demons; unfortunatley this also caused him to go into a deep time of depression where he was more fruity then spicey. During this period he was quoted to say things like:

"Eyy, blame Jamyano!"

or everybody's favourite "ffs!"

and who could forget.. "hia"

But now, after his death he moves on and attempts to reach 96 summoning and pass his Yak test to be able to legally ride a pack yak in public.

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