Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Other names Codeski
Achievements Completionist cape

Squall (formerly known as Codeski) is a high ranked Jewish player in RuneScape. He is one of the first players to achieve 30 million experience in every skill.[citation needed] Squall maxed his total level at 2376 in August of 2009.

In 2011 there was a great deal of controversy surrounding Squall's campaign of reaching "Squall skills 200m", when he announced that he would be trying to reach 200m experience in every skill.


After the return of free trade, Squall attempted to merchant Partyhats, however, panic sold the hats he had purchased after a small percentage drop, causing him to lose money.[citation needed] After the loss, Squall went on a downward spiral, staking his entire bank and temporarily quitting the game.


Squall has all skills at the highest possible level aside from Divination, as of August 2013 he has 2 skills at 200M XP, being Cooking and Dungeoneering.

Squall maxed his total level accidentally when he assisted a player at castle wars. The player said that they would need assistance with crafting, but sneakily made a potion, giving Squall the final xp needed to get 99 herblore, thus maxing him.[clarification needed]

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