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Starrychelx, as seen wearing rare armor.

Starrychelx was a RuneScape player known for his videos on YouTube. He currently has about 30k subscibers on YouTube. He was very popular for fighting Zezima in the Duel Arena, unfortunately Zezima killed Starrychelx. His YouTube channel is the same as his runescape name Starrychelx. Starrychelx was a ranked member and host in Fishy's friends chat hosting a game called Frosty Flowers at world 2 GE center started on Feb 26. Players could usually find him in world 2 GE centre and seeing him host there was no unusual sigth. Starrychelx could later on be found in the new fishy spot at the time which was North GE or Mobolising Armies where he played Frosty Flowers and Flower Poker.


Starrychelx usually had livestreams on Saturdays at a livestreaming website called he usually livestreamed himself hosting frosty flowers in the Clan called "Fishy" he also had events like Castle Wars, Staking, sometimes even Pking, drop parties, ingame player challenges with Fishy and Fishy FC and so on.


Starry was banned sometime between 10 - 17 November 2012, shortly before his close friend and fellow host Fishy got banned. It was later confirmed that they did RWT as a reaction to a Player Mod named "Skiller" released rumours on that the ban on Fishy and Starrychelx was closing in.