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Static is a YouTuber, tweeter, fansite admin and a RuneScape 3 Player.


Static began playing RuneScape in late 2006 however he didn't stick to his account and made a new one in 2011/2012 called "5anta claw5". His account was originally a pure and would be used for pking while he would use his main "Tooti Master" for all skills. Once EOC came out he then decided it would be pointless having a pure and so he made his "5anta claw5" account into his main account since the combat stats (and some other skills) were higher than his main account. After trying to think of a new name he eventually came up with "Static" which he liked the sound of, unfortunately the name was taken so he used the account name "Static RS" instead up until the name releases in 2014 in which he was able to obtain his sought after name "Static". On 3rd November 2013 Static finally achieved his very first 99 in the game which was Fletching He later achieved 99 FireMaking. He currently has all skills above 60 and a total level of 1800. He is also trying to achieve level 99 magic.


On the 17th August 2013 Static opened a YouTube channel called "StaticRS" in which he makes RuneScape related videos, his most popular being his "Skilling gains" videos in which he spends 10 hours doing a gathering skill and then sells the stuff he has gathered. Unfortunately Static is currently busy with IRL and has not been active on YouTube properly for some time. He hopes once his school work settles down he will be able to continue to make videos to a high quality!


Static is an admin on the recognised fansite "RuneTime" and has been since the sites creation. He is head of development which puts him in charge of the "Development team" and the "Content team".


RS Skilling Gains 10 hours of Coal-0

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