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Total level 2405[1]
Combat level 113[1]
Other names 5tr, Str, Emmi, Meganium, Aokiji, Lambdadelta.
Known for Minigames, Level 1 in Defence.
Clan Witch
Str Avatar.png

Str is a RuneScape player known by her minigame hiscores. She is currently ranked 1 in the following: Conquest, Crucible, BA Collector, Dominion Tower, Heist Guard, Heist robber and Bandos PvP kills, As well as ranked 2 in Castle wars gamecount [2]. In real-life, Str is an astronomer and shows great interest towards natural sciences.

She was previously known as 5tr, but during the Runefest in 2013, a Jagex moderator changed her display name to Str.

Str has won Seasonal HiScore competitions 11 times. Wilderness PvP kills once and 10 times the Robbers Caught during Heist hiscores.

Str also has an impressive amount of dyed weapons. These include blood drygore maces, blood drygore rapiers, blood noxious staff, shadow noxious scythe, shadow noxious bow, third-age zaros godsword, third-age seren godbow, third-age seismics and ice ascension crossbows.

On April 27, 2014, Str achieved level 250 in Heist guard and according to the offical Runescape wiki, written by Mod Michelle, it was supposed to be the highest level possible. However, it didn't end there. It was later confirmed by Mod Ryan to be a wiki error and the cap was raised to 2,000,000,000. 

On December 2, 2014, Str achieved 2,000,000,000 points in the Dominion Tower hiscores, becoming the permanent rank #1 and the first person to max out an activity hiscore.[2]

As of December 2017, Str has a total of 33,333 castle wars games, which is over 12,000 hours of playtime at each game lasting 23 minutes.

On March 14th, 2017, Str managed to collect 100,000 thalers, which can be obtained by spending time in minigames. With thalers being one per minute in a spotlighted minigame, it would take a minimum time of 1667 hours to reach that amount, assuming no time is spent while waiting for games to start.

On June 4th, 2017, Str fed one of the very first Hazelmere's signet rings that existed in the game to a baby troll after promising on Twitter she would do so, if her tweet hit 100 retweets in 2 hours, which it did.[3]

Str has reached over 200,000 thalers by playing minigames and is the player with most thaler in game.

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