Stratos I chat head.png
Stratos, as seen on his Adventurer's Log.
Total level RS3: 2050

OSRS: 1498

Combat level RS3: 134

OSRS: 88

Other names Stratos I, Excel, PvM Excel, Kenny
Nationality American
Started playing 2006
Influences Zezima, Time Wasted, Jake, Drumgun
Known for having extensive knowledge of RuneScape, player assistance, and content creation.
Clan Rift

Stratos, known outside of RuneScape as Kenny, is a RuneScape player and content creator. He began playing RuneScape in early 2007, after studying the game from his sibling and his friends. He is known for his extensive in-game knowledge, and for player assistance.

As of July 2014, he has achieved 99 Firemaking, Magic, and Defence, in that respective order.

As of December 2015, he is currently active on Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. He can often be found on worlds 313 and 327 on Old School RuneScape and can be found on worlds 24, 30, 64, and 85. He is most commonly seen Runecrafting or training Slayer on Old School RuneScape, and bossing on RuneScape 3.

As of November 2015, he currently maintains a personal YouTube channel that he regularly uploads content to.

Pertaining to his content creating background, he has over 5 years of content creative experience and has had over 6 years of experience with YouTube. He also has approximately 4 years of experience dealing with graphic design, and video content creation.

As of December 2015, he regularly creates gaming content, and streams gameplay as well. His YouTube channel can be found here and he can also be found regularly live streaming here under the Twitch brand.


Stratos started playing RuneScape in early 2007, after observing his sibling and his sibling's friend play the game. His original account, 'Dark Wolf91', was hacked through a popular 'hacking' technique; players would shout out, "Hey, look! Jagex blocks out your password! *******!". The victim would then repeat their own password, while the scammer quickly logged into the RuneScape website, and changed their account information, locking them out forever, and thus, Stratos experienced his first 'hack'.

After the hacking of his original account, he quickly made a new account. Because of the hacking of his original account, he was inspired to learn different ways to scam to get an advantage over other players.

The most common scamming method was the 'Armour Trimming' scam. This scam was conducted by persuading another player with any set of armour on to hand over their armour and allow the scammer to "trim" their armour to make it look more decorative. The scammer would then log out, without ever contacting the victim ever again. Stratos used this scam very often and was quickly muted for his scamming, and banned shortly after.[citation needed]

After he was banned, he eventually created a new account once more, which is now his present account.

During 2009, Stratos started to play RuneScape more actively. In late 2009 and early 2010, he fell into the gambling side of the RuneScape community. From 2008 to late 2009, he had already received several offenses on his account's status, and gambling did not stack up very well on his account.

After 2010, Stratos eventually digressed from his devious ways and eventually set out on helping out players and giving out tips and advice whenever needed. Because of his background, he had knowledge over many aspects of the game and generally gave out help whenever it seemed needed.

In May 2010, he achieved 99 Firemaking. This would be his only level 99 skill until the summer of 2014. 

In 2011, he eventually joined the Player-Killing aspect of RuneScape. He 'PK'ed' for a very long time, all the way up to early 2012, before the release of the Evolution of Combat. After the release of EoC, he eventually gave up with PK'ing and joined the Player-vs-Monster aspect of RuneScape.

Stratos was often seen PvM'ing on RuneScape in world 85, usually doing trips to the God Wars Dungeon with friends. He was widely recognized as a PvM'er and became known as 'Kenny of W85' (in reference to his real name) for his recognition on that world as a PvM'er.


Runescape 2007 More EXP Gains.. (Ep.3)

A video of Stratos playing Old School RuneScape.

During late 2012, the first update for the God Wars Dungeon was released. This update contained a buff to all God Wars Dungeon bosses, and because of this, Stratos PvM'ed less and less. Three more updates came after the first, and the bosses became much more difficult to kill, and because he PvM'ed even less, he eventually lost interest in the game, and finally quit in August of 2013, immediately after the release of RuneScape 3 and Divination.

End of RuneScape

Stratos mainly PvM'ed in the God Wars Dungeon, often bossing in the Bandos and Zamorak Dungeon. He rarely went into the Saradomin and Armadyl dungeon, but occasionally did so with friends and clan members..

A screenshot of Stratos on Old School RuneScape in late 2013.

After the buffs to the God Wars Dungeon, it became harder for him to PvM efficiently, and he eventually stopped playing, for lack of interest in the game any further.

The Start of Old School RuneScape

In December of 2013, a personal friend of his got back into PC gaming. His friend persuaded him to play Old School RuneScape, and while Stratos had doubtful thoughts, his friend allowed him to play on his account until he decided whether or not if he was going to play once more. Eventually, old feelings of enjoying the game were brought back and he eventually bought membership once more to play Old School RuneScape.

A screenshot of Stratos' stats on RuneScape 3, as of December 2015.

Year-long hiatus from RuneScape

For almost 6 months in 2014, Stratos was committed to RuneScape. He maintained active play on both RuneScape 3, and Old School RuneScape. However, he stopped playing both games in the summer of 2014, as school was starting for him, and he was forced to redirect his focus towards his education.

For almost a year and 3 months, he was inactive from both versions of the game.

However, as of December 2015, he has resumed active play once more on RuneScape.

Currently, he streams and records videos of both RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape.


Before, during and after his RuneScape adventures, Stratos was often affiliated with the video making industry and aspect of the gaming community. He currently has several inactive channels with numerous subscribers that he has stopped uploading content to. He confirmed that he has a total of around 12 inactive channels dedicated to gaming.

In early 2013, he successfully kick-started his own YouTube gaming network, named Epsilon. The network was very successful, pulling in several hundreds of subscribers and several thousands of ratings, until there was an increased amount of inactivity from the content creators, resulting in the network eventually dying out.

Stratos then went on to create his own YouTube channel dedicated to Old School RuneScape videos.

As of August 2014, his YouTube channel that was dedicated to Old School RuneScape videos has been inactive.

However, he never remained inactive in the content creating business, and has since created another personal YouTube channel for gaming in general.

As of November 2015, he is currently active on this channel, and uploads gaming content every week.

Player Moderator status

Because of his extensive in-depth knowledge of RuneScape, Stratos was considered for the role of Player Moderator. However, nothing was set in stone, and further discussion of the role was ceased.

He longs to obtain the status of Player Moderator because of his love for the game. Obtaining the status would give him even more dedication to the game.

In an interview conducted by another player post-year hiatus, he stated, "... Of course, with the role, you get some nifty perks, such as having a crown by your name and being able to hand out mutes to other players. But besides the perks, the role is more than that. It's a responsibility, and to do well with a responsibility requires dedication. I don't think I'm the best candidate for it, but I've always seen myself eventually becoming a Moderator with enough dedication and time put into the game."



  • In June 2013, Stratos was known as 'ExceIgasm'. After he started to 'PvM' more efficiently and frequently, he changed his display name to 'PvM Excel'.
  • In July 2013, when the update for the God Wars Dungeon was released, he 'PvM-ed' less and less often, because it was "more difficult for him to attempt solo trips to the boss monsters in the dungeon", thus becoming the downfall of his 'PvM' adventure.
  • In August 2013, after RuneScape 3 and Divination was released, Stratos only played for another few weeks before quitting.
  • In December 2013, Stratos was not sure whether or not if he would actually play Old School RuneScape actively, thus, his friend allowed him to play on his account temporarily.
  • Stratos can currently be seen actively playing on Old School RuneScape on world 313 or 327. He can often be seen runecrafting or doing 'PvM' combat through slayer.
  • In August 2014, he took a year-long hiatus to focus on his education.
  • As of December 2015, Stratos is active both on Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3.
  • Stratos is known for helping players very often, and thus, many players refer people that need help to him.
  • In the past, Stratos was often found in Jake's friends chat. After the year-long hiatus, Stratos discovered that Jake had quit RuneScape 3, and became a strictly Old School RuneScape player only. He can now be found in Jake's friends chat once more, under his Old School RuneScape account name, "Jakee". The friends chat is currently closed off to the public.
  • Stratos has made RuneScape Music Videos in the past, under a different alias.

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