Strpker range cape.png
Total level 1938
Combat level 138
Other names Strpkers

Strpker833 is a Swedish RuneScape player pker in world 18 and 124 before the EoC. He also has a youtube channel where he uploads random clips, and art videos. He currently has one pk video that he uploaded 3 years ago. 


Strpker833 was introduced to the game in 2004, and have played ever since. He was a big fan of I Mahatma I, Kids Ranqe and other famous pures, so he started out the account as a pure. In 2008, and Darker Manz started to upload his rushing videos, Strpker833 had a change of heart. He quickly started to train up the account to become a range tank, hopping of being able to get the same dark bow specs as Darker Manz. In 2010 he got his first 99. (Range). After that achivement he started to work on a pk video, that was later on released in 2011.

In April of 2012 he became a maxed range tank.


RuneScape -Pking Volume 1 ''The Come Back'' Strpker833 ( No Epic Editing)

His pk video

In July he decided to max out his combat stats because of the fact that the range tank community had complitely died down.

He is now maxed in all combat stats, and got his last 99 in December of 2012. (Attack)

Present time

Right now Strpker833 is a active runescape player. But he also plays alot of private server, to get some nostalgia of the old times.

In the start of July 2012, he made a Instagram page named Camilozz , that's where he spend most of his time now a days. On that page he post drawings he has made, to get some feedback. He's well known in the art community in Instagram, and has won many art competitions that have helped him with this.

He's right now fighting to get some of his ideas through to jagex, all regarding PvP. 

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