Total level RuneScape: 2,044
Old School RuneScape: 431
Known for First player to achieve one million experience in an Old School RuneScape skill
Clan Effortless Souls

Stupidman990 was briefly the highest ranked player in Fletching in Old School RuneScape. On 23 February 2013, he became the first player to achieve one million experience overall and in an Old School RuneScape skill (Fletching). He held the number one rank in Fletching for a total of 36 hours before losing it to Its Herblore. Later, he regained the number one spot, only to again lose it due to inactivity. His main goal was to be the first to reach one million experience in Old School RuneScape and he accomplished that goal approximately 23 hours after Old School RuneScape was released.

In RuneScape, he has a total level of 2,040, with four level 99 skills.[1]

"MSB Donefree" Campaign

Before taking a break from the game, Stupidman990 was most widely known for his "MSB Donefree" campaign. This campaign consisted of Stupidman990 making magic bows for people free, provided they supplied him with the magic log needed for the bow.


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