Success avatar.png
Success (February 2015)
Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Other names Bizarrely, Certain, Coop
Started playing 2006
Ended playing 2015
Achievements •5.2b overall experience.

•200m experience across 23 skills.

•Record for most experience gained in a month.

Known for •Being ranked 10 on the hiscores
Clan Close

Success, also known as Bizarrely, Certain, or Coop, is best known for having 5.2 billion exp and being ranked 10th on the overall hiscores in 2015, as well as being the first to obtain 600 million experience in the span of a single month.

His account was disabled due getting into a dispute with AlmostLost at RuneFest 2015.

Clan and Activity

Success in Close

Success was an Organiser in the clan "Close" currently owned by Nova. As of February 2016, the clan has 200+ members and over 14 billion total experience. Anyone who joins the clan is automatically ranked to General upon recruitment.[1] The clan does skilling competitions and PVM - Beastmaster every other day for learners.

Close was started by Cruel and Nova together January, 2014. The clans description currently has nothing but one sentence which reads "Sometimes when we're alone we stand in our backyards in giant holes and pretend we're flowers." It is notable to have high ranked players and an active community. It's Vex design consists of royal purple theme with a light Castle and Dragon emblem. The clan's current motto reads:

Close vex.png

"Clans don't create great players, it takes great players to create great clans."

Cruel was ranked the Owner of the clan at the time of Success's recruitment, but had promoted Nova to become the clan's new Owner. Traditionally, the clan is considered to be owned by the two, and ownership is swapped every 6 months or so.

Success would normally be found located at the South-West Grand Exchange in his home world 16.

Achievements and Records

Success was the first RuneScape player to achieve 500 million, and 600 million experience in one month. The current overall monthly experience record is set at 827 million experience.[2]

Success formerly held the record for obtaining the most Construction experience in a week, at 96.8 million experience.[3] He also held the record for experience obtained in a year at 2.9 billion (Higher than the record set by Forsberg888) which was said to be done by playing an average of 4 hours a day.

On January 19, 2015, Success achieved 5.2 billion overall experience and was ranked 10th on the RuneScape hiscores.[4][5]

Dates 200 million experience achieved in each skill
Skill Date Achieved
Attack October 17, 2014
Defence November 29, 2014
Strength February 11, 2014
Constitution August 4, 2014
Ranged August 25, 2012
Prayer November 27, 2014
Magic November 5, 2014
Cooking September 28, 2011
Woodcutting January 19, 2015
Fletching September 20, 2012
Fishing January 19, 2015
Firemaking April 16, 2012
Crafting January 19, 2015
Smithing October 17, 2014
Mining January 19, 2015
Herblore November 2, 2014
Agility December 23, 2014
Thieving August 10, 2012
Slayer October 11, 2014
Farming January 19, 2015
Runecrafting June 14, 2013
Hunter December 11, 2014
Construction January 19, 2015
Summoning November 1, 2014
Dungeoneering April 18, 2011
Divination January 19, 2015

RuneFest 2015

On October 3, 2015, Success being ranked 10th on the RuneScape hiscores got into a physical altercation at a bar with AlmostLost, a player moderator who was ranked 7th at the time. Success had supposedly interrupted what seemed like an argument AlmostLost was having with someone else, before getting into a physical dispute. Success soon after touched base with Mod Harrison, but was later kicked out of RuneFest 2015.[6]

Success later stated on his twitter that the conflict was in no way related to RuneScape and claimed that the ban was taken unfairly.

In addition to the past offenses Success had received, Success's account had been permanently banned, and was taken off the RuneScape hiscores. Mod Mark, who had witnessed the incident himself believed that the ban should be lifted, however it was reviewed by the senior Jmods, and the account remained disabled.


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