Total level 2255
Combat level 195
Other names Seba Jun
Nationality Asian American
Started playing 2005
Ended playing 2012
Influences Angelkim180
Phoenix Odin
Achievements 26 million Rc Exp
Known for Charity for New Players

Succestyle was a former RuneScape player, playing on and off since early 2005. He was first introduced to RuneScape at a public library when RuneScape Classic was widely played. During that time he was given a decent RuneScape Classic account but didn't accept due to the lack of interest. He was then reintroduced to RuneScape by his friends and was a casual player who then went to become a member due to the excitement and adventures the game brought. But when Construction was introduced Succestyle went on a break, which lasted 3 years, stating that he grew bored of the game. As of 2009 he returned to RuneScape, but left again indefinitely in 2012. 

Succestyle rekindled his love for pking during the bounty hunter world era, which sparked his interest in RuneScape again in 09'. He was a maxed 75 Defence player killer (PKer) who happened to have Turmoil which gave him a huge advantage.

Also during that time he had a growing hatred towards the famous PKer No1s Perfect (Chris Archie) due to an unfair fight that they both agreed on.

During the mid 2012 year his fire for RuneScape was dying down and the only thing that kept him going was his Runecrafting rank which he desperately tried to maintain but with the introduction of Runespan and the ease of exp, his fire was extinguished. With his departure came great wealth to those who were lucky enough to join him on his farewell party, in which he dispersed over 200m in items and coins to the F2P players.

He has moved on with life and left RuneScape. His focuses are now shifted onto his studies and paving a road for his future. 

Notable Achievements

  • Achieved his first Skill cape by getting 99 in Hunter [2009]
  • Achieved 99 Runecrafting [August 2010]
  • Held ranks 800-900 in Runecrafting throughout 2011-2012
  • As of May 6, 2012 achieved 26m Runecrafting Exp.
  • Achieved 11 skills with a minimum of 99. With Dungeoneering being 102
  • Achieved Overall Skill Total of 2255 in [May 2012]
  • Owned majority of the rare items out there aside from phats and crackers, although only a few at once.


  • Started RuneScape with 9 accounts, with all of them numbered consecutively. Two out of the nine accounts has survived.
  • The 8th account is what led on to be Succestyle with the 4th account being the other survivor.
  • Current name is Seba Jun, named after the late DJ "Nujabes", whom he idolizes.
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