Summaque in late 2012
Combat level 4
Started playing Early to mid 2006
Known for level 4 skiller

Summaque is a level 4 skiller on RuneScape who started playing in 2006. He has a clan chat named "Summaque" for level 3 skillers, where he can usually be found. His name was changed from Summaque to Summaque in September 2012. But has since returned under the name "Summaque" as a level 3 skiller.


Summaque began playing RuneScape in mid 2006 after one of his best friends showed him the game. Summaque instantly loved it and started playing with his first main account. This account was later banned and he then moved on to another account. His first "real RuneScape account"

He played on and off of this account coming in and out of long breaks for a couple of years until 2009 when he made what would become one of his most successful accounts to date. He would go on to reach numerous 99's on this account including mining, fishing, magic, and more.

After a long break, Summaque returned to see that his account had lost everything, money, items, everything. Since he came back from a break, he decided to start over yet again in 2011, and made what would become his current account.

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