Imposter alert! There is currently another player who has this username, but is not the player this page refers to.
Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Other names Swaglet, Ports Prod, AlmostSmited, Shield Camp
Nationality American
Influences Sosolid2k, Woox16, Toony,
Achievements 200 million Attack experience. six Master Skillcapes
Known for Warbands, HLF, PKing, Bankstanding,
Clan zer0 pvm

Swaglet is a Runescape player with 200 million experience in the Attack skill, and has a total level of 2595.

Swaglet currently has six Master Skillcapes. These are in the skills Attack, Constitution, Slayer, Ranged, Dungeoneering and Strength. He's currently working on 120 all combat. He owns all Tier-90 weapons, as well as numerous Dyed T90 Weapons, including a shadow Noxious Longbow, and Barrows Seismics.

He is an avid PvMer, he has mastered the mechanics of nearly every boss in Runescape, he has made over 4B from Araxxor.

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