Syzygy wearing full rune
Total level 1655
Combat level 126
Started playing 2002 or earlier
Ended playing December 2015
Known for Having been ranked the number one free-to-play user
Clan Total F2P Skillers

Syzygy was the first free-to-play and Pro Minesweeper user to achieve an overall level of 1,494, the highest total level possible at that time. He started playing RuneScape after he heard about it while playing another game. As of 2 October 2013, he has level 99 in every free-to-play skill, and 120 in Dungeoneering.

RuneScape career

Syzygy started playing RuneScape after playing another game where he overheard someone mention a new graphical game that he or she had seen. He wrote down the URL and gave the game a try. He chose the name because he has had a fascination with astronomy (sygyzy being an astronomical term), and when he heard the word, he thought it would be a good name for a game character.[1]

He was playing before RuneScape had members, and when it did come out, he made the decision to continue playing as a free-to-play user. He said that he never saw the need to be a member, and felt that if he became a member, it would invalidate the work that was already put into the account. He achieved his first level 99 skill in Smithing.[1] On 28 January 2008, Syzygy achieved an overall level of 1494 (which was the highest overall level a free-to-play user could be at the time), the first non-member to do so. As of 4 April 2014, he has an overall level of 1655 (1615 if one excludes member skills), and has level 99 in every free-to-play skill except for Dungeoneering which is level 120.[2]

On 28 April 2012, Syzygy reached 200 million experience in Woodcutting; he was the first non-member to reach this milestone.[3] The next year, on 19 March 2013, he attained 200 millionRunecrafting experience.[4] He has since achieved 200m experience in Dungeoneering, Fishing and Cooking. His current goal is to achieve 200m experience in all free-to-play skills.

In late December of 2015, Syzygy's account was hacked and was used to lure in P2P. He immediately requested his account to be locked and has not played since.


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