Imposter alert! There is currently another player who has this username, but is not the player this page refers to.
Nationality Finnish
Achievements Fifteen 200M Skills, Maxed
Known for Rank 83 on the Runescape Hiscores
Clan Efficiency Experts

T0NI is Finnish RuneScape player. As of July of 2015, he is ranked 83 overall, and has 3.7 billion experience on his account. T0NI has the fourth highest amount of experience from the country he lives in[citation needed]. He is fighting for third place which is current owned by The Mehukas. He is less than 400M xp less than away from him.

Achievements & Goals

Currently, T0NI has achieved 200 million experience in 15 different skills. These skills are: Attack, Defence, Strength, Constitution, Ranged, Magic, Cooking, Firemaking, Smithing, Thieving, Slayer, Farming, Hunter, Summoning, and Dungeoneering. He is currently working on his 16th 200m skill, which will be Crafting. He currently has over 137 million experience in it. He also intends to achieve 4.5 billion experience this year.

Hunter and Farming Record

T0NI currently holds two high ranking spots for fastest experience gain in Farming and Hunter. In Farming, he gained over 185 million experience in a year.

Hunter records.png
Year farming.png

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