TTUT (irule914)
TTUT's Ingame avatar
Total level 1,405
Combat level 170
Other names 7E8; Irule914; Million Rule; 423 Million
Nationality Canadian
Started playing Late 2004
Ended playing March 10th 2013 (Ban)
Known for Kindness

TTUT, also known as 423 Million is a player who started late 2004. As of March 2013, TTUT was banned due to real world trading.

Janurary 20th 2013, TTUT announced ownership of other accounts he kept hidden. Soon afterwards, his account was banned alongside the others due to real world trading.

Player Moderator

TTUT was offered player moderator status prior to his ban due to his behaviour in-game. Upon accepting the offer, he was later demoted due to his involvement with other accounts notorious for real world trading.

Ban/Real World Trading

TTUT was banned on March 10th 2013. This has been confirmed as in a message sent to his YouTube channel "423 Million" he has stated he has been banned on the account for real world trading. Since his ban he has quit Runescape due to his dislike of the EOC update 


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