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Accuracy talk

I realize that some people might be questioning whether or not the information on the page is true as the thread Phoenix Odin posted on his YouTube channel tells a different story about Larryr's history. To avoid any confusion, I'm going to explain why that post [1] is not accurate, as well as one posted on a very popular thread on theRunescape forums [2]. I did a lot of research on Larryr and am confident that what I wrote is accurate.

"She was on a mission to get 200 Million exp in Runecrafting, but the Trade Restriction Updates single-handely and permanently crippled the her business beyond repair," Ixindor. "She decided to go for 200M Runecrafting xp... her company could not go on after the trade limit and that in combinations with her health problems made her decide to quit RuneScape," July.

The Trade Restrictions update was released on December 10, 2007 [3], but a quick look on Rune Tracker reveals that Larryr had not played at least two months before that date (although it had been much longer) [4], which proves that she never quit due to the Trade Restrictions Update. Also, as far as I know, I don't think that Larryr knew 200 million XP was the highest possible until late 2005, and she quit very soon afterwards.

"She went so fast, that at a given moment, the gap between rank 1 and 2 nearly counted 90M xp," July.

This is not true at all, and a look at RuneTracker also reveals this is the case [5]. Anonymous4x had 54,858,236 RC XP on October 12, 2007 (and was rank 2), which is over 102 million XP under Larryr's score, proving this is not the case.

Now let's examine the people who wrote the article's (July and Ixindor), compared to people in Larryr's business that tell a different story.

July joined Runescape in 2007, as he claims in the forums (2nd link). He was not there when Larryr actually quit and knew very little about her, he just wrote about info he got from other people (many who thought that Ixindor's post was accurate) and did not research it much to see if it was listing any lies.

Ixindor, however had been playing while Larryr was, but had only been a Collector and a Runner and did not know a lot about Larryr, like how much money she actually made from Runecrafting and why she quit, as can be seen.

Also note; do not list those as references or anything of that sort, and consider the evidence I provided.

Thanks for reading.

Smithing 13:57, July 26, 2010 (UTC)

Accuracy continued

Larryr was and continues to be a very good friend of mine. I know her in real life. Some of the things on this page were not accurate I have made some edits to the page. I also added some more pictures.

And as for people saying that the trade limit and the 200 mil xp was larryr's goal that is not true. We tried to talk her into coming back and getting 200 million xp before the trade limit was set and she refused.

I have updated the page again, adding many more details to the pages and the article about the different jobs everyone had in the business. - MrsChrystler aka Kathy Corkat

My list

cross off or remove when done

-more references (reminder quick find code 14-15-898-61453938) [throughout article]

-better references that follow wiki standards

-check for grammar mistakes

-more info: what Larryr's job was as CEO of the company [business]

more info on the training session

why Larryr started playing [history]

how the business was created and disbanded [with business]

why she was banned during her Runecrafting career

have a list detailing history of her Runecrafting XP with dates achieved

more accurate dates [throughout]

other minor facts (have all info) 14:31, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

-make third paragraph of business section less confusing 14:34, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

Larryr Banned? Started by her son? CEOs? Funeral?

Larryr's account was temp. banned/locked when she moved to a new city and logged in from her mother's house and her new house. The account was disabled because of security reasons, Jagex had to confirm it was actually Larryr playing.

The account was never played on by her son. She does have a son, but he was an adult when she created the account Larryr, and he had his own account.

Her husband also had an account in RuneScape.

Also she was not the CEO of the company, she was the Founder Creator and Owner. There were a few CEO's Starting with MrsChrystler, she was the first and only CEO for a while, later in no particular order, Shaarit, Lady Karla, Lady Celtic, F All404, Sommer33, Talen Prime Stellalun79, Xiad 87, Paganmom, Pkendra, and Gcubemasta13 were also given CEO status in the business over a period of time. Everyone else was Manager or Below.

The person who we had the funeral for was named Hrrypttrjohn. May he rest in peace.

I am asking former CEO's to help me gather more information for you.

- Mrs C

I'll add on some info when I have the time. Smithing 17:45, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

I have one question though, did Larryr ever mention she was not going back to the game? (I was just wondering as she is still a member to this day.) Thanks for the help though, but I need a little more info before adding why she got banned on the page. 16:30, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

More info on being banned? Like what? I can ask her if she still has the message they sent her. *email just sent to her*

She told me this last time I spoke with her: "I'm sorry but I don't want to go back into Runescape again." That was part of her response to an Email I sent her asking if she would log in and see if she had a certain item sitting in her bank. So I doubt she will be logging back in anytime in the near future or ever. That was a few weeks ago when she told me that.

-Mrs C

That just shattered my hopes, lol. It's clear to me that as long as she's famous she's not logging on to RS. About the more info thing, I need more info on other facts, such as why she started playing, so there can continue to be flow to the article. Right now, I just don't know where to put that info. Thanks for that info above though, don't have any more questions. 14:34, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

I have sent her an email asking her for any more information she is willing to give based on what you are still lacking from this page. She said she will let me know when she finishes answering the questions/writing it all in an email for me.

Mrs C

Questions answered by Larryr

I sent your list of things you needed to larryr and this is what she sent back to me. - Mrschrystler

Dear Kat, I tried to address your questions below, please keep in mind that the whole operation was to inspire people to become all they were meant to be !!

-have a list detailing history of her Runecrafting XP with dates achieved:

Larryr was just a common player with out any hiscores when runecrafting came out, so she mined her own essence, ran her own runes, sold her own nats, to earn enough money to eventually start hiring crews. Larryr hired her first runner on May 15, 2004 at level 75 runecrafter she was third highest runecrafter at that time. Larryr was an inspiration to all showing that any common person could become a hiscore. She achieved #2 RC on July 5th at level 83, and was in a very tight race towards level 99 finally achieving it on Sept 23, 2004 overcoming Kale and taking the number one Runecrafter position of Runescape at that time.

In the early days when runecrafters made it to 99 they stopped because of the many challenges involved. Larryr made it to 99 and keep right on going strong, she was averaging 150,000 xp per day to level 99, 200,000 xp per day to 25 million, and continued steadily at 250,000xp per day to 35 million xp and beyond. On Nov 26 she achieved 25 million xp, while Hawl Gnun was at 13.3 million, Kale was third at 13.0 million and Zezima was fourth at 10 million. On Dec 17, she achieved 30 million xp, Christmas day she was at 32 million xp, 35 mil xp on Jan 5 2005, 40 mil xp on Jan 25, 45 mil on Feb 14, continuing to 50 million which was reached on March 4th 2005. On July 19 she reached 75 mil xp while Venom0619 finally passed 99 and started to climb from 13 mil xp, but at that point Larryr was at over 5 times his xp in runecrafting and going strong. The pattern continued with the following milestones of 100 mil xp on Sat Oct 1 2005 and 150 mil on July 25 2006. When Larryr was at 150 mil, she was still about five times ahead of the next nearest competitor who was Anonymous4x in second place at 31 mil xp, with Pessi89 close behind at 30 mil xp. If Larryr had continued it would have taken her three years to complete the run to 200 million at that pace. To Larryr the true treasures in the game where the friendships, humbly giving credit to her crew saying that she was lifted up on angels wings. To her it was not the end milestone that was important but the journey.

Larryr is best known for, can be complimented by adding this text to the existing text:Larryr's Runecrafting score was a gaming first of five times higher then the next nearest competitor, which was unheard of in any MMORPG at that time, in most games to be double the next nearest competitors score is extremely rare. Larryr not only surpassed five times the next nearest competitor's score but also maintained that difference with it remaining unchallenged for many years.

[history] Account was originally created:

Larryr's son was the one who originally asked her to come to Runescape, and Larryr was named in honor of an immediate family member.

Reason Larryr quit: A real life reason for leaving was that her son was in Everquest 2 and asked her to join that game with him. She had been gone for quite a while before the trade limit update. Larryr went back into the game to give away a lot of money because of the update. Her reasons for leaving were not because of the trade limit update.

Will Larryr ever return Larryr today is not in gaming much anymore, she is presently working diligently in Art to become an even more famous real life Artist, stating: “Its the treasures we leave behind that positively inspire the world that really make a true difference for having lived.”

-more info: what Larryr's job was as CEO of the company [business] Larryr really enjoyed training managers on how to run a business, to train, motivate, and coordinate a very large team. To train the team on how to be great people first and foremost, being kind to others, and to make a difference in the world. Larryr had many original mottos, like, “The greatest treasure in the game is the friendships that we make.”

-other minor factsLarryr account was temporarily locked by Jagex for security reasons when she moved from one location to another, however it was only for a day.


@page {margin: 0.79in; } P { MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0.08in }Erudites Needed Lead the World From Runescape’s oldest temples deep in the depths of the jungle forged forth the breath of a new civilization. Look around you in the game and you will see everywhere our youth, our future generations, molding their thoughts here. We have created here what may never be recreated in Runescape again, something you can only experience, camaraderie beyond words. We are role models encouraging a good team spirit, high standards, and an honorable code of ethics throughout all aspects of life. We love helping others and feel a sense of dedication to the youth in our team. We are adults who want to make a difference in this game we love so dearly. If you are an adult who wants to get involved with the people aspect of the game then this is what you have been waiting for. You can start and stop work anytime you choose within our hours (from 20:00 to 5:00 o'clock forum times everyday), and walk away with your pay, which is about 100 k gp per hr. I’m the #1 Runecrafter; outside of my one high skill I’m just an average player like yourself. Our Runecrafting is here to help players generate fast cash at their convenience. And that is where our adventure begins You will be a role model to the younger members of our community, the supporting service team which makes our team a rewarding experience for all. You will become part of a large network of adults who dearly love this aspect of the game, and are waiting to help you get involved. As the supporting service team leader you will also blend in with the teams regular roles, starting out as a runner and many are promoted to numerous jobs in our team. You can start and stop work anytime you choose within our hours (from 20:00 to 5:00 o'clock forum times everyday), and walk away with the cash. No hassles and countless hours of lost time in getting essence or selling natures, just honest cash available.

Use either any route to unnote the essence, but most use Shilo, but some also use abyss, fairy rings, or Glider using the Al Kharid route to go a bank to convert 25 notes into essence, and then run it back to us. Pay is little over 9 k gp cash per load of 25 essence upon delivery, which is about 100 k gp per hr. (COMPENSATION IS IN REAL CASH, NOT NATURES) WE are average players like yourself, who love the game, are waiting to help you with Shilo and grand tree quests. RESPECT for other 2X nature crafters. We only accept runners who are not also running for another 2X nature crafter. We won't take their runners and we would hope they respect us enough to not take ours. THERE IS NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY TO QUALIFY, PLEASE TALK TO: Gcubemasta13….Sindagoth.....AcKing Chri.....Monkandfox.......SanoskaiSommer33....Marley073us....Vixxxenn…Unkillable23.…Paganmom....Xiad87….Saleane....Mrschrystler.….Talen Prime Please leave a message and we'll get back to you during our recruiting hrs. . .........Thanks so much.!..... . 12/30/2006: explains why managers were crafting when Larryr was not there.

Dear Number One Runecrafting Team, the only thing Larryr wanted for Christmas was some well deserved time off. So can we give the one person who teaches us that Christmas giving is year round some well earned time off? WE need your help for manger crafts this upcoming week. My goal is to give Larryr the entire week. This is our chance to pay back Larryr for all the kindness, and we don’t get many chances to get him so lets team up here, and don't worry, I can get rid of Larry for an entire week.

Please can you reply as soon as possible as the week is about to begin. All are welcome to join in, at any time they desire. If cost is an issue, please don't fret, see myself, Xiad87, to receive 365gp a nature rune. This doesn't remove the cost entirely, but it at least reduces it to just pure essence. Ok if essence is the problem we can help there too, so just give us some seasonal time and love here with good cheer!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks, I'll try adding the of the info on the article later (any help would be appreciated, btw).

Some clarification needed though, when did she actually quit playing regularly? I remember checking the RS Hiscores sometime between New Years 2006-07 and she had 157 mil XP, so not sure on that. On the main page, it says she quit early 2006, but I'm not entirely sure this is the case.

Also on why she quit, I'm not sure if she liked the fact that the reason she supposedly quit was published, are you sure she's OK with it? Be sure to thank Larryr for the info, though. Smithing 22:46, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

I have sent the response from you to her and asked her if she wants that bit removed from the publication. I know in the answers I just gave you here she does say she doesn't want the game protrayed in that light so as not to encourage that sort of behavior by others.

You are most welcome glad I could help and glad she could as well! I'd rather the page be as accurate as possible to squash rumors about her. She is such a dear friend and a great person. - Mrs C

Yeah she said she would like that taken off and the "IRL answer" she gave put in its place... When you see this message copy and paste the answers she gave and delete them from here? We will both have it all saved but then we can work on putting what info needs to be added and leave out her notes/what she doesn't want.

-I kinda figured she wouldn't want that revealed. I can save the answers on a word document though. Maybe after all the info's added on the main site send a copy of it to her and see what she doesn't want added then. Smithing00:01, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

Can I send the new message from her to you privately somehow? She has re written what she sent me and doesn't want parts of it public, but did address it to you as well.

-Hmm, maybe. Do you have youtube? Smithing 21:59, September 12, 2010 (UTC)

Yes I do have a youtube account. I am not sure what my name is without being at home to look it up and log into it though.

Smithing, my account on youtube is this:

Mine is called fearstreetsaga. Anyways, I think that I'm going to nominate this article. Can you and Larryr read it over first to make sure everything's good before I do so? Thanks.Smithing 12:33, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

Nominate it for what? And I will ask her to check it out. - I've made a few more edits based on what she asked me to do. And she also said this: "wondering why you dont put dissapearance down later towards the end,,cause the business comes first, not that I left the game" I told her I'd ask you to do that part cause I don't want to mess things up lol.

[06:55 pm] Larryr: You have done a magnificent job

[06:56 pm]Mrschrystler: Smithing did most of it but thanks I will let him know you feel that way

[06:57 pm] Larryr: thank him ever so sincerely for quality care, extraoridnary effort for accuracy and all the time spent on the magnificent page!!

[06:57 pm] Larryr: extraordinary

[06:57 pm] Larryr: you two have done extremely well, If you hadnt perservered then it wouldnt have been nearly as nice

-Featured player status (sdo it can appear on the main page for a few weeks). Before i do that tho, I need some more info (some parts are confusing) and some verification (I don't think everything in the article is accurate). I'll list everything this article lacks below (some info is also needed). Thanks Larryr btw. Smithing 17:08, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

Review of Larryr article

Below is my review of the Larryr article. I will update it once some stuff are complete or lacking from this article. (Don't take offense to any of this.)

1. Well-written: Satisfactory.

- grammar mistakes (minor ones)

- needs better flow (some sentnces could use "and" etc.; also needs to be less repetitive)

- rearranging of some topics (especially in the business section)

2. Factually accurate: Excellent.

- need verification on XP gained per day

3. Broad in its coverage: Good.

- needs other info to avoid confusion and info on what she did in her job (such as collect essence and craft them, just need a little more detail pertaining to that)

- how larryr is regarded needs expansion and more quotes

- stats section needs to have ranks added

4. Neutral: Very good.

- just needs more quotes and some other small fixes

5. Stable: Excellent.

6. Illustrations: Very good.

- maybe add a map of the route that all the runners took (dunno how I'm gonna do that)

7. Other: Good.

- add a template indicating some info is omitted

- remove any info Larryr doesn't want added

Overall: Good. Smithing 02:11, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

- I finally finished adding summaries and licences for all the images. Smithing 02:11, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

- Made a few grammar updates. One problem I'm noticing though is that it's too repetitive. Smithing 05:52, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

I will send your latest comments to Larryr.

As for what the security and the rest of the team did when the stories were being told, we all listened to them as well, if we wanted. Otherwise we would stay where we were and talk in public/private chat with eachother.

Larryr went through this article and worded some of it herself. The "Inspiring many a player that anyone could become a highscore" Means, she inspired many players and showed that anyone could do just that, become a highscore... She was just a regular player for more than half of the time she played RS. She was modded later on, only about a year to two years before she quit playing...

The training sessions usually were about 20-30 minutes, depending on how many questions were asked, etc.

It didn't take long after she left for the business to stop completely. When the managers/CEOs were crafting it didn't take long for us to use up all the essence and money she had given us. None of us could craft double natures so we would have started losing money quickly.

I can make a map of the different routes people used to un note essence.

I will see if she has any more specific records she can access easily to show her aprox. exp per hour. or by the day (with the ammout of hours she worked on said day).

That's exactly what she did after the business grew to its size with all of the job positions. I will make a picture and show you where she stood in the alter and where the collectors lined up to trade with her.

-OK, cool. I'll be sure to add all that once I have the time. And btw, I don't think the Disappearance section should be changed. The reason is it would just be too messy and disorganized, as the history section already includes info on the history of the business. The point of having the business section under the history one was to expand on the things mentioned in the history for anyone who was interested in knowing more about it (order of importance). Most people only read the article to see who Larryr is and why she is so famous. Smithing 22:23, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

- Added the info (finally). Still need to add some stuff, but I expect I'll manage to fix up almost all of the problems with the article by sunday.Smithing 04:36, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

My History ... Your History?

Sorry I haven't made any of those pictures I told you I would yet...

I lost the original posting of "My History ... Your History?" to Chewy a week or so ago, so I've reposted it. Quick find code: 14-15-162-62540053 Mrschrystler 18:04, March 24, 2011 (UTC) Mrschrystler

New Screenshots

Mod Ash confirms he created Larriar and named her after Larryr.

Larriar, the New Wizard in the RC guild. Created by Mod Ash. Named after Larryr.

Routes the Runners would use to un-note essence.

Mrschrystler 17:04, April 19, 2011 (UTC)

Larryr briefly hijacked

On Sunday May 15, 2011 in the evening USA time, the account "Larryr" was briefly hijacked. I was lucky to be online to see the name log in, then log out. I called the real account owner and asked her if she was the one who did it.

She did not. I then went on the RSOF and posted on Forum Emergencies asking for the account to be locked for her. A jmod helped me thank goodness! She did an account recovery and got the account back. She is no longer a pmod, and she lost everything she had worth of value. The dragon chain we all saved up to buy her as a present, her infamous Dragon LongSword, her last remaining white party hat, that she originally owned, and much more.

Her skills on the highscores now say 1502.

This story is sad, but true.

Mrschrystler 15:09,

Larryr's account logging in and then out. In the hands of a hijacker.

May 16, 2011 (UTC)