Total level 2037
Combat level 177
Other names GuthixDelta
Nationality English
Started playing Late 2004
Influences Runescape Community
Known for Charity and Community Events
Clan mates not levels

TauOmicronMu is an English Runescape Player Moderator known mainly for his Charity Events. He started playing in late '04, and has since been an active member of the community.

Community Events and GameBlast 2014

TauOmicronMu organised his first charity event when the well of goodwill opened in November 2013. The event raised nearly £600.00 for the charities, and was deemed by many to be a great success. 

When the well of goodwill reopened for GameBlast 2014, TauOmicronMu once again hosted a near-identical charity event which raised around the same amount for the charity specialeffect. TauOmicronMu also made some appearances on the Jagex GameBlast stream on Twitch.

Player Moderator Status

TauOmicronMu was given Player Moderator status after visiting Jagex HQ as part of GameBlast 2014. 


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