Infobox Jagex Moderator
Status {{{status}}}
Owner {{{owner}}}
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Started working {{{start}}}
Ended working {{{end}}}
Known for {{{knownfor}}}
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This template can be used to create an infobox for articles regarding Jagex Moderators.


In the page you want to add an infobox, use this format:

{{Infobox Jagex Moderator
|name         =
|image        =
|caption      =
|status       =
|owner        =
|occupation   =
|start        =
|end          =
|knownfor     =
|bottomtext   =


  • name: Name of the Jagex Moderator in-game. If left blank, the name will be inherited from the page title.
  • image: Image of the subject matter. Be sure to wikilink to the file, or it will not display.
  • caption: The image caption.
  • status: Whether the user is a current or a former Jagex Moderator.
  • owner: The owner of the account.
  • occupation: The occupation of the Jagex Moderator.
  • start: When did the employee start working at Jagex.
  • end: When did the employee finish working at Jagex. Leave this parameter blank if the moderator did not finish woking.
  • knownfor: What is this user known for?
  • bottomtext: Text that appears at the bottom of the infobox. By default, links to the main page and talk page of the Infobox Jagex Moderator template will appear.


{{Infobox Jagex Moderator
|name=Mod Chihiro
|status=[[Jagex Moderator]]
|owner=Chihiro Yamada
|occupation=Senior game designer
|start=[[2006]] or earlier
|knownfor=Developing several quests
Mod Chihiro
Status Jagex Moderator
Owner Chihiro Yamada
Occupation Senior game designer
Started working 2006 or earlier
Known for Developing several quests

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