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Tnavbar-collapsible adds navigational functionality to navigational templates. This template adds left-aligned links to the page, talk page, and edit page of a specified template.


Insert this template using {{Tnavbar-collapsible|Heading text|Name of template (excluding "Template:")}}.

For example, for a template titled "Old School RuneScape players", we might put {{Tnavbar-collapsible|''Old School RuneScape'' players|Old School RuneScape players}}, which gives:

v  d  e
Old School RuneScape players

Optional parameters

You can also specify optional parameters.

  • plain: If plain is set to 1, it will display the link text as view talk edit.
  • fontcolor: The colour of the heading text and link text.

For example, {{Tnavbar-collapsible|''Old School RuneScape'' players|Old School RuneScape players|fontcolor=red}} produces

view  talk  edit
Old School RuneScape players

See alo

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