The Fotehlulz does things for the lulz. He joined the world of Gielenor originally as Waysuperguy, until he made a name for himself, where he became known as "0919293018." He chose this name with much deliberation, as he pounded his now nonexistent numberpad. After some time living under this modest name, he decided to make a reputation for himself. After besting many a player in Mobilizing Armies, and being famous in general for his legendary exploits, he acquired the title of "The" and decided, to the surprise and cheering of his many followers, took upon himself the new name of Fotehlulz, yes, The current Fotehlulz that we now know of in legends to this day. He is active even now, bringing justice wherever he deems it need be, and is a regular customer of Bob's Axes in Lumbridge. He owns many parlors in his player owned house, which is famous for that very reason. Many who visit his home are in awe of the sheer number of parlors that meet their eyes. Often, visitors compare his player owned house to the exquisite beauty of many architectural wonders like the great Gothic Cathedrals and castles of Europe. The Fotehlulz, in his modest nature, often denies these remarks. The Fotehlulz continues to do things for the lulz even as we speak, ever adding to the splendor of his legend.

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