The Owners final stats before his account giveaway

The Owner has around 200 followers on YouTube and had a goal of 1000. Currently it has a total level of 2072. He started playing Runescape in late 2007. His YouTube name is: TheOwner98654321. His original account fribbinss was hacked seven times, on the seventh he gave up and trained his pure to the same combat level, but this time with 99 mining, woodcutiing, cooking and fletching. His Pures name was Teh Owner for a long time but its now called Cyal lads as he is quitting that account and giving it away to one of his fans in a draw. He now plays on his new cooking pure Nintendoswee. He uses this to cook as well as talk to old friends in the game. His most viewed videos are his rsmv collections. He has recently found a talent in pking but after the new wilderness update went from 75mill down too 10mill and now has just enough for a rune pickaxe. His side account: TheOwner12345678910 has over 50 subscribers and he makes unedited videos on it when hes busy doing other things. His total level is around 1750. He has other well known player-friends such as: Dizzi2004 with 2.5k subscribers, Tiny Pupet or Bloodhoun34 with 5k subscribers, Zelda boi, winner of sosolid2ks pking competition and 500 subscribers, Nixvet, winner of nighmarerhs video competition and 300 subscribers, and H Headhshot, a pker he knows irl. He makes variety of videos when he dies risking around 5m+ and calls them "gf bank videos" He replies to nearly every fan and is available to add on runescape on his nintendoswee account soon to be called teh owner again!

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