RuneScape Players Wiki
Total level 2268
Combat level 138
Nationality Swedish
Started playing Easter 2008
Clan TLC

Tjut is a Swedish player who began playing in Easter 2008 after his friends insisted. Though his former friends have all quit, he continues to play the game.

For a while, Tjut was a nomad; training random skills, talking to any passers by but lacked a clan and a friend to play with. Since then he has found a clan, TLC, with whom he feels comfortable. 

In 2012, Tjut dubbed it the 'Year of Combat' and gained 99s in Attack, Defense, HP, and Strength. In 2013 so far, he has gained 99s in Ranged, Summoning and Mining. He also intends to follow this with: Herblore, Prayer, Smithing, Farming and Construction. As a minimum, Tjut aims to gain the 2400 level accomplishment before October, when he begins university.

This year, he aims to achieve the Max Cape, and is driving towards the Completionist Cape.

Skill Date Achieved
Fletching February 2011
Magic April 2011
Firemaking November 2011
Hunter December 31st 2011
Runecrafting Maj 2012
Attack October 2012
Defence November 2012
Hitpoints November 2012
Strength  December 2012
Woodcutting January 2013
Mining February 2013
Summoning 4th April 2013
Ranged 6th April 2013