Tkoh V7, otherwise known as TK was the co-founder of #Immortality a small NH Mage Bank Clan from 2005-2007. Prior to founding Immortality, TK was one of the first "low levels" to do Desert Treasure, at 73 combat just days after release. At the end of the Wildy TK was regarded as a Mage Bank Legend, he used to play on W71.

As a tank, TK spent most his time DMing or luring, post tank TK turned to staking and slayer when Immortality weren't at Mage Bank. Today TK plays OSRS, as of yet he is yet to return to the wild although did make a small return to Duel Arena in 2013.

Besides OSRS TK makes frag videos and streams, TK used to play Rainbow Six and Call of Duty competitively, as well as League of Legends.

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