Known for First to achieve 99 Fishing and Cooking

Tks was a female RuneScape player who was the first person to reach 99 Cooking, the first person to reach 99 Fishing, and the first person to reach 80 combat. She had the highest skill total in the hardest period of the game for the longest amount of time. When The Old Nite first became the top ranked player he admitted that he was only able to do so because Tks had quit.[citation needed]

I had started playing the game as a lark. My kids were playing the game and I made an account just so I could shock them when I walked up to them! I got hooked on fighting guards outside of Varrock and beating my kids in stats! For those who still like to talk smack even 15 years later!

Tks' username is based on her real name, Tinakaye S.[citation needed] Tks used to run a low-carb diet website in her spare time.

Tks's username was released during the name clean-up of the summer of 2014. Another player, who had been able to take her display name, campaigned on the RuneScape forums to have the name restored to the original account, but Jagex did not fulfill that request, despite a post made by the real Tks after she had returned to the game. Later she reported that she could not see herself play RuneScape without her original name, so she quit the game. [1]

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