Tocwa head.pngTocwa.png
Total level 2,694
Combat level 138
Nationality American
Started playing November 2009
Influences Locopker, House Demon, Nightmare RH, Zezima
Known for playing both Rs3 and Old School Runescape
Clan Soulbane

Tocwa is a RuneScape player who started in mid November of 2009. Two months later, he joined as a member, becoming P2P the first week of January 2010. Having worked hard to train his skills, he got closer and closer to achieving 99 in all of them and now wears the Max cape! He loves the colors purple and yellow, wearing them as part of his favorite outfit. A purple shirt, purple robe bottom, very recently a bright yellow Max cape with a yellow Cosmic Shield over it.

He tends to be quite friendly, enjoying conversations with newbs and elites alike. He doesn't discriminate between them as good friends can be found amongst them both. He has been known to appear almost anywhere, as his teleportation range is vast. He's been sighted in places as diverse as the verdant countryside of Tirannwn to the harsh deserts of the Kharidian scorchlands. He is most likely to be seen at the Grand Exchange or at Lunar Isle bank, in the midst of conducting business. He likes to stay on the move, so if you see him, say hello before he vanishes..

He has never changed his name, not even once. He was quoted as saying that he "would be Tocwa 'til level 138" and he was only lvl 121 (switched to lvl 177 due to EoC) [ Note: as EoC rapidly approaches and this update will change how high combat levels can go, it seems Tocwa will never reach 138, since his Beta cb lvl is around 173..which means he has level 200 rather than the old-school 138, as the ultimate level to reach] This has subsequently been changed back to the old combat level numbering system by Jagex and I am almost to level 137 :D *12/28/2015*

[supplemental entry] (Tocwa reached Combat Level 138 on February 28th, 2016 at 10:52am while training Defence on a melee dummy in the main hall of Prif when he achieved lv 98 Defence)

**[Player Journal Entries]**

July 25th, 2012 - I was doing the cheese rolling race in the Gielinor Games when somehow I actually made it to the end of the race without tripping and passed through the net. Walking around, I observed a strange glitch that allowed me to walk on the air, although it made me drop down below the floating islands at various points. I ran back to the start area and was unable to enter where the other players were, so I stepped into the rear of the portal and was returned to Varrock Square.      


Late August/Early September 2012: The Gielinor Games, specifically the marathons running through the Wilderness gave a rare opportunity to rapidly earn Constitution xp, enabling a rise from the mid 80s all the way to level 99 in a mere two weeks of daily effort. This resulted in my very first skillcape, an untrimmed Constitution cape! I am reluctant to admit this, but upon first putting it on, I cried to myself. This was several years after having started training my skills, so it was an emotional moment. O_o


Skills as of 12/29/2012

December 28th, 2012 - After four grueling hours of slogging through wave after wave of TzHaar in the Fight Caves, I finally reached Jad for the second time in two days, killing him with the Deathtouched dart. I realize it isn't close to doing it w/o one but considering how long it took me to reach Jad..


June 14th, 2015

Reached 99 Agility this afternoon on the Tuska spines. Aloft, Jo Eh and AlphaOmega were there to give their support 😎


December 9th, 2015 - 3:29pm PST Earned a skillcape in Magic, having reached lv 99


My Skills as of December 27th, 2015

January 30th, 2017:

Risen from lv 84 to lv 92 Invention from a stack of seven Fishing rod-o-matics plus about 5 "discoveries", not the least of which is the Pogo stick! Very soon, I'll have all 99's and attain the Max cape..Dxp weekend is only a fortnight away :D


February 19th, 2017

While in the Invention Guild, north of Falador, training with Protean Cogs for the final 300k xp (approximate), I reach level 99 Invention at around 5:25pm Pacific Standard Time. Headphones on my head, I hear the fireworks going off, sound almost deafening in my ears (should have turned the volume down a bit). Prior to this, had trained on Abyssal Demons at the Slayer Tower, though being crashed regularly by other players frustrated me to the point when I'd decided to just relax and earn xp afk using cogs. Less than half an hour later, I went to Varrock and purchased my Max cape, having finally achieved 99 in all skills! Altering the color, it is now a bright yellow with a cosmic shield acting as a horizontal halo over it :)

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