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Tombstone309 with Divination Cape.png
Tombstone with the True Skill Mastery Divination Skill Cape.
Total level 2736
Combat level 138
Other names Tomb, Based God, Tomp
Nationality American
Influences Drumgun
Achievements 200m Experience in Construction, Dungeoneering and Divination.
Known for Ranked 24th in Divination Skill, Buying Bonds with Real Life Money
Clan Nex and SS

Tombstone309 is a member of the Nex and SS clan within Runescape. He is quite possibly the single most inspirational member to the clan and has plenty of insurmountable tasks completed within the current EOC version of the game. Most notably in the Divination skill, where he has a Master Skillcape and 200 million experience.

Overall Hiscores

As of November 2017, Tombstone309 is currently ranked 83 on the hiscores and has 5.4 billion XP.


Tombstone309 is perhaps best known for his contributions to the Divination community where he has gained 200 million experience achieved on April 19,2014. This has placed him in the 24th slot on the front page of the Divination hiscores. 

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