Total level Old School RuneScape: 2,010

RuneScape 3: 2,209

Combat level Old School RuneScape: 125

RuneScape 3: 135

Nationality English
Started playing 2010
Known for His YouTube videos and Twitch streams

Torvesta is an Old School RuneScape YouTuber and Twitch streamer. On his YouTube channel, he mainly uploads player killing (PK) videos or progress videos. His YouTube channel has 258 thousand subscribers as of 7 October 2018.[1] He also has a Twitch channel which has 54 thousand followers.[2] In 2018, he won the Golden Gnome Award for Best Old School RuneScape Video Maker.[3] As of 15 March 2018, his Old School RuneScape account has a total level of 2,010.[4]


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