"WOW!, I'm drunk"- Trodon30

Trodon30 is an demanding leader, and communitive constructor. He lead the riot of his bitter rivialry between Skyguy and Himself under the basis of "Unfair PvP defencing", details on this riot which He led can be found on Skyshyguy's information. He is known for his cruelty towards other players, infamous of his riots, and very demanding ways. He is belived to be under 13, because of his uses with Quick-Chat worlds, and the ability that He can only use Quick-Chat. The riot that he led was made up of him, lol4859 as belived to be one of the leaders of the riot, and 500 other riot followers. He has not much background about his history, but Research of his character came up with some facts about him Personally.

Fact: He was once employeed at his rival Skyguy's Combat Training Center, as an Instructor for Levels 20-40.

Fact: He rarely wears anything else except his trademark Black Armor, or any other weapons but a scimitar.

Fact: He does not run a clan.

Fact: He is supposly under 13, as He rarely uses other worlds without Quick-Chat and uses that chat to talk.

Fact: He is belived to have been one of Skyguy's early competerters during his addiction to Gambling.

Fact: His headquarters is located in Varrock, He also owns sections of Skyguy's taken over businesses.

Fact: He is taken as someone interested with Mafia's.

Fact: He has taken over Skyguy's residential home near Falador, and renamed it "Croft Manor"

Fact: Trodon rarely plays the game, and has taken over a section of Skyguy's business market.

Fact: Trodon was once an member to get vengeance on Skyguy, but soon ran out of time.

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